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Our practice areas include

Preparing for your family

  • Drafting prenuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements and alternative domestic relationship agreements 

Building your family

  • Finalizing step-parent, foster, or adult adoptions
  • Assisting with private or agency adoptions
  • Handling issues unique to unmarried and/or same-sex couple adoptions
  • Terminating parental rights
  • Drafting post-adoption contact agreements
  • Protecting birth parent rights
  • Drafting and negotiating traditional surrogate and gestational carrier agreements
  • Drafting and/or review of ovum, sperm or embryo donation agreements 
  • Securing pre-birth and post-birth orders

Restructuring your family

  • Uncontested or contested divorce proceedings including issues of debt and property division, alimony, etc. 
  • Child Custody issues including visitation, relocation, parental alienation, etc. 
  • Handling issues specific to divorce and custody of same-sex couples
  • Securing a Protective Order
  • Establishing Temporary Orders
  • Establishing grandparents’ rights
  • Modifying or enforcing an existing order
  • Establishing paternity

Protecting your family

School Law / Students’ Rights

  • Enforcing school policies on bullying and harassment 
  • Expulsion hearings and appeals
  • Protecting students’ rights during disciplinary action
  • Addressing IDEA and Section 504 disputes
  • Ensuring ADA compliance
  • Ensuring confidentiality of student records

Guardianships (adults and minors)

Basic estate planning 

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