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Hi there.  

Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Tara Reilly, owner and attorney at Full Circle Family Law in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I began this family law firm because I found myself in the unique position of having both the formal education and experience as well as the personal understanding to really make a difference in the way you experience a family crisis by advocating for you and guiding you through the legal system while also supporting and empathizing with you on the most personal level. 

Like you, I have struggled with building my family.  Here is a glimpse of my story.

I wanted to be a mother by 23, so when I actually got married at 30, I thought it was finally going to happen!  However, month after month and year after year, disappointment set in.  Invasive and painful diagnostic procedures were followed by medication and more tests, which were followed by three unsuccessful rounds of IUI.  My first round of IVF resulted in a miscarriage.  I was devastated and ashamed.  It was only through the support of others like me that I became brave enough to try again.  There is something both terrible and wonderful about sharing your infertility journey with others.  I choose to believe that my support team helped my mind and body heal enough to do the impossible.  My second round of IVF was successful!  Today, I have a happy and healthy little boy!

Like you, I have struggled with a failed marriage.  Here is a look at that part of my life. 

When my marriage fell apart, my world crashed down around me.  Divorce was something I never thought I’d experience and I certainly wasn’t prepared for it. I had nothing except an infant child to care for and a supportive family.  Since I just had a baby, I wasn’t working and didn’t have any money.  Not only did I need to navigate a complicated legal process, but I also needed to find a place to live, secure employment and child care, obtain medical insurance, keep my bills current, and somehow take care of my emotional and mental health, so that I could handle everything on my plate and be a good mother to my new baby.  The only reason I was able to manage the stress and pull through this experience was because I had a supportive family.  They did everything they could to help me start over.  

Like you, I have struggled to protect my family.  

After my divorce, I knew it was my responsibility to provide for my son and his future no matter what.  It was difficult to find advisors I could trust and who could guide due appropriately through my options given a complicated history and taking into consideration my goals.  I eventually obtained an estate plan that provided me with peace of mind that my son’s physical and financial well-being would be taken care of in the event that I couldn’t. 

Like you, I have watched students struggle in school.

Prior to beginning my career in law, I taught high school English for eight years both in California and Utah.  I taught in extremely diverse schools instructing courses ranging from remedial to honors.  During this time, I saw many students with special needs being underserved in their school communities.  I also saw students marginalized and bullied by their peers while receiving no relief or support from their school administrators.  I now advocate for students and their families to ensure they get what they need to get the education they deserve. 

I was fortunate enough to have a solid support team for each of my family struggles.  I have come full circle from each of those experiences and feel that it’s my turn to be a supporter of others.  I would be honored to be your supportive family and trusted ally.  I will help you navigate all the complex aspects of the legal system and will connect you with resources to help manage all the other areas of your life that will undoubtedly be affected by this life change.  It may not feel like it now, but you can get through this.  You can make a great life for yourself and your family.  You can come full circle.  


  • www.fullcircleslc.com
  • tara@fullcircleslc.com
  • (801) 810-7830
  • (801) 810-7830


Gonzaga University School of Law 
Juris Doctor
cum laude, 2012

Boise State University
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
summa cum laude, 2009

San Jose State University 
Bachelor of Arts in English 
magna cum laude, 2003 

Professional Affiliations


Utah Infertility Resource Center

  • Board of Directors, 2017-Present

Life After Placement

  • Board of Directors, 2017-Present

Utah Adoption Council

  • Member, 2017-Present

Utah State Bar  

  • Education Law Member, 2016-Present 
  • Family Law Section Member, 2016-Present
  • Juvenile Law Member, 2016-Present
  • Salt Lake County Bar Member, 2013-Present
  • Solo, Small Firm and Rural Practice Member, 2016-Present
  • Women Lawyers Member, 2013-Present
  • Young Lawyers Division Publicity Committee Member, 2016-Present

American Bar Association

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology Section Member, 2016-Present
  • Family Law Member, 2016-Present
  • Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division Member, 2016-Present
  • Young Lawyers Division Member, 2016-Present

Other Info


Utah State Bar Admission; 2013

Former Name: Tara Umipig

Over the years, I have served in the legal field as a legal secretary, paralegal, legal advocacy coordinator, and attorney.  I have dealt with every aspect of the litigation process and I use that experience to ensure your case is taken care of from start to finish.  

I graduated manga cum laude from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Art in English followed by a Bachelor of Art in Political Science, summa cum laude, from Boise State University.  With a strong professional and academic background in English, I excelled at legal research and writing and was awarded three CALI Awards for Excellence during my time at Gonzaga University School of Law in the subjects of Legal Research & Writing, Advanced Legal Research, and Torts.  During law school, I also served as: a member of the William O. Douglas Committee dedicated to First Amendment advocacy, President of the ACLU Spokane Chapter, Student Ambassador to Admissions, peer tutor in the area of contracts law, Chastek Law Library Reference Assistant, and associate editor on both the Gonzaga Law Review and the Gonzaga Journal of International Law.  I graduated from Gonzaga, with honors, in 2012.

Prior to beginning my career in law, I taught high school English for eight years – instructing courses ranging from remedial to honors.  During this time, I saw many students with special needs being underserved in their school communities. I now advocates for students and their families in matters of special education and disciplinary proceedings.